Our club runs exclusively on the efforts of involved families.  Coaches, Parent Helpers, Team Managers, Scorers, Wardrobe Assistants, Fundraisers, BBQ Helpers, Umpires, and the Club Committee - are ALL VOLUNTEERS. No-one is paid; they are ALL parents and players who contribute for the love of the game and their local community. 

This giving of their time by all Officials and Parent Helpers is the backbone of what makes a Club like SHCC tick. Some of our volunteers put in many hours of their time every week to make the Club function and function well. But we can’t let these people get burned out. 

Every contribution, no matter how small, is highly valued. If you can assist with coaching, team managing, ground managing, administration, BBQ duties, communication, website, promotion, sponsorship etc PLEASE STEP FORWARD. Don't sit back and leave things to everyone else. Think about how you can give and there is only one way to gain experience and confidence and that is by doing.

As our club continues to grow, we need to be better organised to satisfy the needs of parents, players and Officials. We'd like to utilise the talents of everyone in the Club, so we will be trying to network with you to this end, but if we don't get to you please do not hesitate to approach the Club Officials.

It is really important, too, to get behind your kids, for as parents we are the bedrock, or the glue, that provides the stability and support structure for them. If the kids are to gain maximum enjoyment out of cricket, then we need to encourage them to be disciplined, to get to training and matches on time, to get fit, develop their skills, teamwork and team spirit. Parents play a vital role in assisting the players to listen to their coach and to be cooperative.