Annual General Meeting 2014

G'day members, parents and carers of Summer Hill Cricket Club

Summer Hill CC will be holding our AGM on July 22nd at 7.30pm at Pratten Park Bowling Club.

The business of the AGM is to elect the officer bearers and committee members to run our club over the next season and to consider a resolution to change the club rules to allow us to pay our smaller bills via electronic banking instead as well as by cheque.


The following positions are to be filled -

President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, delegates to C&WSCA and general committee members.


Any one interested in helping run our club through one of these positions should inform the returning officer Ross Martin at 

FYI - SHCC has a three year limit on holding any single executive office bearer position. This is to keep the committee fresh. 

As a result, every year there are people who leave the committee or an office bearer position, either as their time is up or their kids and they are moving on from cricket with us, so that we  are always looking for new people to join the committee that runs our club. 

The committee meets once a month (more often in the immediate preseason as teams are being formed), usually on the first Tuesday of the month at Pratten Park Bowling Club. 


When SHCC was formed and our rules were established, internet banking did not exist, so there is no allowance in the rules for us to pay bills by EFT.

The following resolution that will be put to the AGM aims to rectify that and bring us into the modern world, so that we can pay our smaller bills (up to $1,000) promptly and not keep creditors waiting for a committee meeting to get signatures on a cheque.


The following resolution to change the rules of Summer Hill Cricket Club will be put to the 2014 AGM in line with section 17 (a) (ii) of the SHCC rules.


Amendment to section 18 (d)


The following will be added to 18 (d)


The treasurer, or another committee member acting as treasurer who is authorized by the bank to make payments, is authorized to make payments of bills by EFT to a creditors account. The treasurer/acting treasurer shall notify the other signatories to the club account via email of the details of the bill to be paid and pay it on return email of at least one of the signatories approving the payment, so payment is approved by at least two signatories, as it is now with cheques. The executive committee shall decide on a maximum amount that can be paid by EFT. Any mounts above this will continue to be paid by cheque. The EFT payment limit is to be reviewed from time to time to determine if it should be raised. 





Alan Arthur


Summer Hill Cricket Club