Summer Hill Cricket Club, in association with Geoff Spotswood Coaching,  is again running a 2 day school holiday cricket camp for 7 to 12 year olds.


Date - 27th & 28th September

Venue - Beaman Park, Earlwood (corner of Flinders Road and Vera Avenue)

Times - 8.30 to 4.30 Bring your lunch and drink bottles

Children will need to be signed in and out each day.

Format - Skills development 9am -1.30 pm, T20 game from 2 - 4.30.


The junior teams within the club had a successful 2016/2017 season which got off to a great start following the skills development camp at the same time last year. This is a great opportunity to develop new skills and get to know other kids in your club and age group. Geoff and his team are professional coaches and high school sports teachers and can give a lift to skills for the start of the season in a way that us amateur parents who coach the teams can’t. Members of the Summer Hill CC committee will also be in attendance each day.


Feedback from parents and kids who have attended previous camps has always been positive.


Thanks to the help of our major sponsor, Canterbury and Hurlstone Park RSL Club, we are able to offer the camp at $80 for a single day (either day) or $140 for the two days with a $10 sibling discount for the two day camp.


You can register by going to our home page and clicking on the "Register Now" link


This takes you to the SHCC My Cricket registration site. Go to the Juniors section and to the cricket camp section. Orange dot that section, click register and follow the links.


If you are already registered with the club, use your My Cricket ID to register in the same way you do to register for the regular season.


If you are new to club cricket, one of the first things the rego process will ask you to do is to create a My Cricket ID number. This will be emailed to you with a temporary password and you use that to login to the registration portal. Please make sure you write your email address correctly so you can recieve the ID and password.


This ID and the password you create for your self will be used to register your child for as long as they play cricket so please make a record of the ID # and password and keep it somewhere that you can find it again when you need it down the track.


The table below provides an overview of the type of skills based sessions that will be held at the development camp.  The actual sessions will be tailored by Geoff and his team to ensure that they are suitable based on age and skill level. 


If you have any queries, please call SHCC President Alan Arthur on 0402 637 615







Grip, Stane, Backlift


Front foot play

·         Driving off tees

·         Drop & drive

·         Underarm throwdowns

·         Overarm throwdowns

·         ½ two game

·         Driving game

Back foot play

Lobbing ball underarm on full

Overarm throwdowns

 ½ two game

Pull shot game

Front & Backfoot Defence

Test Match

Pairs - throwdowns


Grip, Runup, Delivery

Bowling in pairs off two steps

Target bowling, using uprights

Swing & Seam bowling

·         Target bowling, using uprights

Spin bowling –

 Leg & Off spin

·         Technique for leg & off spin

·         Pairs – target bowling


Catching - Short

·         Pairs – 1 ball then 2    then 2 balls & 2 hands

·         2 balls using opposite hands

·         Pairs – increasing distances

·         Mazza’s drill – pairs, short catches

·         Figure 8 drill in threes

·         2 throwers & one catcher – working side to side

·         Catching competition (Ace, King, Queen etc.)

·         Short leg drill

·         Knicks & Pulls

·         Catching tennis

Catching - High

·         Technique

·         Pairs – Increasing distances

·         Tennis racquet

·         3 Ball drill – Rod

·         Vortex - pairs

Ground fielding

·         Run across between hats, with keeper

·         Two stump drill

·         Attacking/ defending game

·         Fielding Soccer

·         Runner vs throwerdrills

·         Hit to fielder who fields & rolls at goal

·         Drill – 5 basemen & 5 fielders

Wicket Keeping

·         Technique

·         Shadow batting

·         Keeping to spin

·         Keeping to pace

·         Slips & wicketkeeping catching drill

·         Effecting runouts & stumpings

·         Run out game

Running between wickets

·         Pairs – Coach calling runs – turning correctly

·         Runner vs thrower


·         Beat the Ball

·         Cross Fire

·         Off-side Touch

·         Frizbee Gridiron

·         Diamond Cricket



Day 1 – First innings 1430 – 1630

Day 2 – Second innings 1430 - 1630