Summer Hill Cricket Club Member Protection Policy


This policy provides guidance for office holders, volunteers, members and participants for developing and maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for playing and enjoying cricket.

Summer Hill Cricket Club recognises that an environment that is safe, welcoming and free from discrimination is essential for the promotion of participation within our club.

We emphasise participation and enjoyment – ‘a fair go for all’ – showing respect for each other, and promoting the values of team work, cooperation and leadership.

Support for member participation

Summer Hill Cricket Club supports the active participation of members, from the youngest to the oldest, in team, age-group and club decisions. We listen to members’ views, respect what they say, and involve them in decisions, especially on matters that will directly affect them.

Support for volunteers

Summer Hill Cricket Club promotes respect, fairness and consideration for all volunteers.

New volunteers will receive a copy of the Summer Hill Cricket Club Member Protection Policy, and Pledge not to Sledge. These are also available on our website: A code of conduct is being developed.


Summer Hill Cricket Club maintains a rigorous, fair and consistent recruitment process for office holders and coaches. Complying with the Working With Children Check is one important element of our recruitment process.

Dealing with complaints

Summer Hill Cricket Club is developing a complaints handling policy. Any complaints or allegations of misconduct should be directed to the club’s member protection officer.

Our member protection officer is Bruce Williams.

Phone contact: 0413452498
Email contact:


Summer Hill Cricket Club will hold regular information sessions for office holders, volunteers and members.

Our member protection policy will be discussed during induction sessions for volunteers.

Children and parents joining our club will receive a copy of the policy, and pledge not to sledge.


This policy will be reviewed every year to respond to comments and suggestions from members, parents and volunteers.