Playing Age Policy

SHCC aims to field teams across all available age groups in the CWSCA Juniors competition. This competition specifies that a player's age at 31 August determines their age group eligibility.

SHCC policy is that players will be allocated to teams according to their playing age. In forming teams, the primary consideration is the need to ensure viable teams across all age groups.

In the event of unequal numbers across age groups, one or more players may be invited to "play up" for a season. Any such invitation will be issued on the basis of the needs of the higher age team and any relevant characteristics or circumstances of the players.

SHCC acknowledges there will be occasions where players or their parents wish to have the player allocated to a team above their playing age. This situation will not be accommodated where such a move would challenge the viability of a team in the player's correct age group.

Where a player or their parent believes they have strong grounds for seeking placement in an older age group, the player or their parent will make any such request in writing to the secretary within two weeks of their registering to play with SHCC.

Any such request will be considered by the SHCC committee who will decide whether exceptional or compelling personal circumstances exist, balanced with the overall objective of ensuring viable teams across all age groups, to allow the player to play outside their correct age for that season.

Any agreement by the committee is valid for one season only.