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SHCC Scoop : 2 Champions - Div 2 & Div 3 make it a double

Updated: Mar 20

WoW – What an AMAZING weekend of Cricket for Summer Hill Cricket Club.  Congratulations to our two CHAMPIONS for Season 23/24 – Division 2 and Division 3. 


Both sides finished the home and away season in first place, but that is no guarantee of a Grand Final win – especially for Division 3 who got there via the long way, after losing their first final, but made it count on the final match of the year.  Well done both teams!


Unfortunately our Division 8 Blue side were not able to get up for the win, in what was a very low scoring affair.  Read on for below for full match details.


Winter Cricket


If this Summers Season hasn’t been enough for you, the good news is Winter Cricket is not far away.  Played every 2nd weekend, on a mix of Saturday’s and Sunday’s, the season starts on April 20/21, with teams to be submitted by March 27th.  Send me an email if you are interested in playing this Winter.


 April 12th – Seniors Awards Night


Be sure to reserve your place for our end of season Awards Night.  Link below.


Pratten Park Bowling Club have a new Colombian Chef, and Paella is on the menu – Yum! 


When: Friday, April 12th

Time: from 6pm, for a 7pm start

Where: Pratten Park Bowling Club (PPBC) – 42 Arthur St, Ashfield

Cost: Free for all 23/24 Full Time, Part Time and Casual Players.  Guests $30 each – payable on the night.

Included: Pre-dinner nibbles and Dinner.  Cash Bar available on the night

RSVP: Reserve your place online here


Please let me know if you would like to be involved in any way - we are always looking for ways to improve.  Please give me a call, or send me an email if you would like to be involved, or have any ideas.



Grand Final Batting and Bowling Highlights



85   Madushan Bandara   3rd Div

51  Tanzim Alam                 3rd Div



5/41  Jay Karim    3rd Div 



Enjoy your Cricket!




Phil – President

m 0417 234 761



2nd Division Match Report: Peter Drury

Grand Final: Summer Hill 5/138 def Summer Hill Seniors 136


In the cauldron of rivalry, where emotions run high and the stakes are higher, it was a clash of titans at the grand stage. Summer Hill Cricket Club, long haunted by their arch-rivals Summer Hill Seniors, dared to script a tale of redemption at Steel Park and rewrite the narrative of their storied rivalry. SHCC took the field with dreams of conquering their demons and etching their names in glory 6 years on from lifting the prestigious plaque in 2017/2018.


The toss, a mere formality, fell in favour of R. Nawaz, who elected to send the Seniors into bat. Memories of their previous encounter, where the Seniors were bundled out for a paltry 38 runs, still reverberated within both teams, fueling the determination of SHCC to emerge victorious. And as the first ball was delivered, anticipation hung heavy in the air.


But oh, what a start it was! The Seniors, shaken to their core, stumbled from one calamity to another. Seniors leading run scorer, the first victim, departing for a golden duck, caught behind off a fiery bouncer from talismanic fast bowler, T Corben. The wickets continued to tumble like autumn leaves, as the top order of Seniors followed suit, all falling victim to the relentless onslaught of the Summer Hill bowlers T Corben and R Nawaz seeing Seniors at 3/13 in the first 13 overs of the game. A small fight back from Seniors saw them scrape through to 38 runs before the skipper called upon Z Randall, the man missing since the Christmas break. Z Randall learning from T Corben, sent down back-to-back bouncers removing 2 Seniors in quick succession. This saw Seniors 2nd best batsmen also dismissed for a golden duck falling to a well scripted trap made very obvious by the SHCC team.


Yet amidst the chaos, a lone figure stood tall. Senior’s captain chipped in with a gritty 42, fought valiantly against the tide, before being dismissed in a moment of brilliance by SHCC very own big show, D Greenhalgh. Who would’ve thought. A full toss to see the skipper removed caught and bowled. The Summer Hill fielders, continued to put on a display of exceptional fielding, stifling every attempt by the Seniors to break free. A Nawaz ended any hope of a fight back from Seniors in the last session of day 1, removing 2 of his own with elegant line and length bowling. N Everitt returning to finish off Seniors inning on a mere 136 runs off 53.4 overs. As tensions simmered and tempers flared, an ugly altercation threatened to mar the contest, forcing the premature abandonment of the day's play with just 2 overs remaining and Summer Hill losing leading run scorer L O’Dea and the score 1/1 off 0.3.


But when play resumed on Day 2 despite heavy showers over night and one only 15 mins before play commenced, it was Summer Hill who held the upper hand, with J Curnow and S Gracias Flor negating the relentless opening spell of Seniors. With the game poised in the balance at 2/31, In a display of pure cricketing prowess, the duo of S Gracias Flor and M Selwood combined seamlessly to steady the ship with a crucial partnership of 48 runs before M Selwood was dismissed to a blinder in gully. The resistance of S Gracias Flor only lasted 1 more over before he was also dismissed. It was not just the boundaries that defined their partnership. It was the calm assurance with which they batted, the unwavering belief in their abilities, and the unspoken understanding between them that set them apart. However, their dismissals saw skipper R Nawaz and H Kirkwood at the crease, both on 0 with 54 runs to win in the 26th over (4/83).


As the tension reached fever pitch and the target loomed ever closer, it was R. Nawaz and H Kirkwood who batted with nerves of steel and a steely determination, setting about finishing the game off in quick time. Stroke by stroke, run by run, they gradually wrested control from the Seniors' grasp, slowly but surely turning the tide in SHCC’s favour. As the scoreboard ticked over and victory drew tantalizingly close, R. Nawaz fell, departing with just 4 runs needed to win following a partnership of 50 between the two. And then, as if guided by fate, H Kirkwood and A Nawaz seized the moment, with nerves of steel and bats of fire, they blazed a trail to victory, knocking off the required runs with ease. As A Nawaz struck the winning runs through mid-wicket, the Summer Hill faithful erupted in jubilation, a moment of pure ecstasy, their long-standing rivals vanquished on the grandest stage.


And so, as the sun sets on another epic chapter in the storied rivalry between Summer Hill Cricket Club and Summer Hill Seniors, we bid farewell to another great season. It was a match for the ages, a rollercoaster of emotions, and a testament to the beauty of our beloved sport. Every moment of this grand final will be etched in the memories of those who witnessed it.


And so, as we reflect on the drama and excitement that unfolded on these 2 fateful days, let us salute the victors, Summer Hill Cricket Club, champions at last again, and forever kings of the hill. Until we meet again on the battlefield of dreams, this is Peter Drury bidding you farewell, with a promise of more thrills, more drama, and more unforgettable moments to come next year.



Best Batting

35 Mitch Selwood

28 Savia Gracias Flor

28 Rehaan Nawaz

23* Harrison Kirkwood


Best Bowling

3/34 Tom Corben

2/12 Zac Randall

2/23 Armaan Nawaz

Picture: 2nd Div Celebrate their Grand Final Win



3rd Division Match Report :  Salman Kalam

Grand Final: Summer Hill 211 def DLSK 164


The build up to the grand final has been long time coming for an eager and more confident Summer Hill Team as they looked to verse DLSK, a very well gelled team also well prepared for the Grand occasion.

Both teams have faced each other in the preliminary finals as DLSK had the better of Summer Hill Team in a low scoring game. Given this context, DLSK took their chances winning the toss and choosing to bowl again. 


Missing the superstar opener Dean, who has gracefully serviced the team needs throughout the season has had to sit out due to a freak injury in the field in the prior game also against DLSK. Maruf the new addition to Summer Hill team took the opening bowlers on having Madushan ""the Wall" by his side. DLSK started with an aggressive field setting not letting much to go through the infields in the first quarter. Despite this setting, Madushan and Maruf managed to accumulate runs with the occasional boundaries.

The left handed bowling machine Terelinck had been immaculate in his line and length targeting the off stump corridor and not allowing the openers to free their arms. His persistence got him two consecutive edges to the keeper, who took at blinder to remove the next batsman Tarek, who has also been showing his class throughout the season.

With a few quick wickets in the bag, DLSK looked to take the game away from Summer Hill.

Given the pressure of the grand final, comes Tanzim, flying in fresh from Melbourne to have an impact with his positive intent. Madushan could not have asked for a better partner for a scenario like this, as Summer Hill lost a few quick wickets and required someone to manufacture something out of the ordinary. Tanzim showed just that as he resembled the Australian mantis shrimp with his bullet punches to send the ball all around the park. His display of counteractive batting put DLSK on the backfoot as the captain started to spread his fielders around the ground for coverage.

DLSK finally managed to get put to end to Tanzim's rampage just after his well deserved 50 with sharp caught n bowled effort by Kumar. This crucial partnership between Madushan and Tanzim set a platform for Summer Hill as the team cheered on from the sideline. Even though half the team was fasting for Ramadan, The only hunger Summer Hill had that day was to win the premiership for the first time.

In comes Rafael as him and Madushan look to create another partnership and blunt out The onslaught from the DLSK bowlers further. A solid effort comes to an end as Burhan gets a peach of a delivery to go through Raf's defense. As Summer hill captain Jay comes into bat, himself and Madushan look to carry on the momentum. Taking on the fielder, Jay falls short to a sharp direct throw at the bowlers end ends his innings.

DLSK at this point of the game seemed to try to shift the momentum back on their side, as Kumar continued a spirited spell. As DLSK attempted to dry out the singles by bringing in the fielders, another counter attack was launched by Wassi and Umer. It seemed every run added was a boundary for Summer Hill as the players from the sideline cheered on. Umer and Wassi’s late efforts got Summer Hill over the 200 mark and a decent total to defend on a grand final. With Madushan’s beautifully crafted 83 and Tanzim’s fiery 50, Summer Hill managed 211 at the end of the innings.

DLSK ends up getting Summer Hill all out before the end of overs for the day with Kumar bagging a fiver, which gives Summer Hill an opportunity to create a strong impression on the DLSK openers before the end of play. Rafael and Wassi both get one over each to give DLSK a demo of what to come for Day 2.

As day 1 came to an end both team walked off with a hint of hope to get over the line on day 2.

Day 2:

The day started off with a bit of sprinkle just before the game started. As the Summer Hill Players march in, there is a sense of united determination with a lot of loud voices motivating the Opening bowlers. Wassi and Rafael continue as there is no reservations for them to hold back their pace and accuracy. DLSK openers cautiously watch the good deliveries as they try to score off the rare bad ones.

Summer Hill captain Jay decides to rotate and equip the other bowling guns to make sure the DLSK batsmen don't settle in as he brings himself as well as the left armer Salman into the attack. After a few close calls and edgy batting, captain Jay finally gets the first breakthrough with Kumar's wicket, getting him LBW with the quicker one bowling around the wicket. This wicket was the catalyst Captain Jay needed to enforce more pressure onto the DLSK batters, as the fielders all start to close in and stop anything to pass the infield.

Only getting away with singles and doubles, DLSK batters start to show their frustrations and as they look to accelerate, the wickets start to tumble at regular intervals. The Summer Hill Captain leads by example by taking a skier from his own bowling to get rid of Das, who has gotten himself set after a few near misses by Summer Hill. Jay eventually temps him with a slower one which gets hit to deep midwicket where Fahim, the best fielder for Summer Hill has been marking his territory like a great white shark, snatches a blinder near the boundary. Summer Hill team rejoices as their spirits get lifted ever so slightly to carry on pressure.

Captain Jay again tactfully rotates his bowlers to bring Rafael and Fahim back on to create a bit more pressure on the new batsmen. Fahim, after that amazing grab in the outfield, runs in to bowl as he gets another big run scorer Kaifi to inside edge one onto his stumps.

In comes Tesoriero, a dynamic batsman for DLSK and has proven tough to give his wicket away earlier in the season against this Summer Hill team. He gets a lucky break as he gets dropped at square as he tries to frees his arms. Despite this missed opportunity, Summer Hill did not look back and carried on the tenacious attack. The contest was so intense, it even got the attention of the local magpie and pigeons.

Rafael has waited all year to produce a gem of a delivery that he only sees on his YouTube reels and as it happens to be manifesting at this grand final. The ball lands on a good length and moves just enough to deceive a well focused Tesoriero to leave the ball at the very last moment. Everything and everyone seemed to become static on the background including Raf's celebration itself. The only thing that was in motion was the off stump cartwheeling behind the batsman.

The captain of DLSK Cousley comes in hobbling as he got injured on Day 1 of this final to play an once in a lifetime innings to get the team over the line. This was reminiscent of Graeme Smith walking in with a broken arm. He kept the scorecard ticking and making the game come back in to balance again.

Captain Jay brings himself on as he has been on song with his spells all day. To accompany him, Umer and Niloy also get a turn to show their class as they both get a few wickets down in the very capable DLSK batting order. A very dramatic over from Umer comes to an end with a low catch from Madushan to remove DLSK wicket keeper Peel.

Despite so many wickets down, Summer Hill was still weary of the capable DLSK tail enders and the team carried no passengers. Given the experience playing against this team, the Captain knew he still needed to pull something different out of the hat, and therefore come in Niloy, arguably the most underrated leg spinner in the competition. Niloy wastes no time in landing those deliveries with utmost precision and the bravery to flight the ball despite the pressure of a final. This courage awards him with 2 cruicial wickets. Captain Jay brings himself back on deservedly in a final as he gets the last wicket  to complete his Fifth wicket caught at the boundary by Madushan, who was near the Summer Hill camp. It took a moment to sink in - that catch has made the Summer Hill team the Champions for 3rd grade as all the players sprint into the field to carry Captain Jay on their shoulders. The contrasting emotions was on full display as the DLSK players in the background realized how close of the contest this Grand Final was.

Celebrations continue as both teams shake hands, and the Grand Final trophy is lifted by a well deserved and coming of age Summer Hill team.

Best Batting

85   Madushan Bandara

51  Tanzim Alam


Best Bowling

5/41  Jay Karim

2/9  Niloy Mahmood



Picture: 3rd Division - Champions


8th Division Blue Match Report : Phil Tarbox

Grand Final: Summer Hill Blue 44 & 3/34 def by Panania East Hills RSL 63


‘Twas the Night before the Grand Final, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse


While I slept, The Spirit of Cricket dropped in

To deliver some news about the match this weekend


“Phil, Phil, you have a really loud snore!

Wake up, wake up, I’ll tell you tomorrows score”


“No!” I said, “that would be bad luck,

Just tell me my score – no wait – do I make a duck?”


“No duck will you make, in fact you'll have the 2nd highest score,

And Panania East Hills RSL will not pass sixty four”


“I must be dreaming” I thought to myself and went back to sleep

Thinking of nothing but scoring runs and victory after dismissing them cheap.


The morning arrived, I rubbed my eyes to wake myself up

Could the Spirit of Cricket really have foretold us lifting the cup?


We won the toss and elected to bat, but runs were hard to make,

Wickets fell evenly and lots of wickets they did take.


We made 44, I made seven, Simon made eight

2nd top score I was, just as the Spirit of Cricket had sayed


The Sprit said they would score not more than sixty four

We would need a miracle to keep them under our score


We took the field, with a pinch of belief

At 1/14, Sid had the first wicket to our great relief


Their most dangerous batters were now in and hoping to get set

Both scored plenty in the last match that we met


Leo and Jasper dismissed them before the end of the day

Liam took a rippa of catch, 3/30 was the score at the conclusion of play


I lay in bed awaiting the Spirit to return

I was awake for so long, I tossed and I turned


The Sprit arrived not long before I awoke

He said "do your best, you must go for broke"


He said "Ring the bowling changes regular and fast

You need quick wickets if the match is to last"


With his words in my ears I arrived at the ground

Eager to see what would happen this time around

Leo struck first, with a beauty of an inswinging ball

Clean bowling another quality bat, making the stumps fall


Luca’s pace was a handful, and finally an edge was struck

I was ready in the slips, the catch came to me and it stuck


But try as we might we could not tie them down

At 5 wickets down they past our score, but we did not frown


The Spirit of Cricket kept us going, bowling changes we made

Rayhan and Owen challenged the batters, bowling well above their grade


Owen got none, Rayhan’s 3 wickets were nifty

Owen took a blinder at Gully, they were 7 for 50


Along with Rayhan, the brothers Asher and Leo

Got out the mop and cleaned up the last trio


All out for 63 – it was less than the Spirits foretold 64

Cricket is a funny game they say – 20 wickets taken for a low total score


It’s been a great season, the team has grown so much

To make a Grand Final is a great achievement for this bunch


We’ll be back next year – with or without the Spirit’s foretelling

Cricket was the winner for this team, by far our best season.



Best Bowling

3/6  Rayhan Islam

3/11 Leo Tarbox

Picture: 8 Blue celebrate the end of the Season




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