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Welcome to Summer Hill Cricket Club

Summer Hill Cricket Club actively promotes fair play and the spirit of cricket. It is a community club that survives solely through parental involvement, and is proud of helping nurture the great team game of cricket, while encouraging the development of sporting, team and social skills amongst the young people of our community. 

We play in the Canterbury and Western Suburbs District Association, and have both senior and junior teams. We are one of the biggest clubs in the district, with around 300 players.

Junior Cricket matches are played on Saturday mornings, generally starting at 8:30am and finishing at about 12:30 for U13s (Stage 2) & U15s (Stage 3) and around 11am for Stage 1 and U11s. 


All teams use full protective gear of pads, helmets, boxes and gloves. The Stage 2 and 3 teams use leather balls and Stage 1 and U11s use soft balls and rules modified for their ages and body size. 

Senior Cricket is played by adults on Saturday afternoons. Many Summer Hill juniors graduate to the senior teams.

Woolworths Cricket Blast is for young players who wish to learn the basics of cricket while having lots of fun. It is played at Pratten Park, Ashfield on Friday afternoons.


Girls’ Cricket is played in the Sixers Girls Cricket League on Saturday afternoons, in the Under 11s, Under 13s, 15s and U17s divisions. Girls can also play in the junior competition in mixed gender teams.

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As with all other clubs in this (and most other) local sporting associations, Summer Hill Cricket Club is a community-based volunteer organisation.

Coaches, managers, scorers, age co-ordinators and committee members are parents who have put their hands up so the kids can have a game. Without the assistance of parents/guardians, the club will grind to a halt, and unfortunately no-one will get to play cricket. 

We urge you to volunteer so your child and others can enjoy playing cricket. Everyone has something to give!  


The Club will help train parents for umpiring and coaching, but there are very many jobs that require no formal training – from scoring or managing a team, to helping with club communication.



All teams will practice once a week; some teams may choose to practice twice a week. Many teams practice at Lees Park, Ashbury and Pratten Park, Ashfield. However, there are many other local facilities the teams also make use of.

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The Club provides a team kit – which includes all the basic equipment the team and individual players need. However, it is recommended – especially as the age groups advance – that players have their own gear. In order of importance, that would be: protector, helmet, bat, gloves, pads. Having their own equipment also means a player can practice outside formal practice sessions.


The Club will provide shirts and hats on registration, but players will also need to buy pants (white or cream cricket trousers/shorts), and cricket shoes – or predominantly white trainers or rubber soled, non-metal-spike shoes. Socks must be worn and cricket undies are extremely useful as they have a pocket for the protector. Sunscreen is essential as we play in summer, and players must have water bottles so they can remain hydrated throughout the day’s play.

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