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Only 1 run in it, but oh so much closer!

U11 Div 1 Match Report: Jonny Richards

Round 12: Summer Hill 3/112 lost to Bankstown Sporties 3/113

In first game back after the break, a solid performance against a tough opposition produced a fair result. Summer Hill Gold was not without its chances, and in the end only a run separated two highly committed teams.

Batting highlights: 

- Some dogged defense from our top order - Mac, Cam, Henry and Isa - ensured no wickets were lost early, laying the foundation for the innings

- There were some lovely shots straight and square of the wickets in the second half, with Alex, Ollie and Eli all making it to 10, and James - after running on what seemed like a mountain of byes - ending on 9

- Running between the wickets continues to improve, not least when the ball slipped past the keeper - with a good chunk of the 30 non-penalty extras being run. A day of calculated risks for non-strikers!

Bowling highlights:

- Eli and Henry both rattled the stumps - rewards for persistent, straight bowling

- Eli took a lovely high catch at mid-on off Finn, and there were two sensational run-outs courtesy of quick work from Alex at mid-on, and a lovely throw down of the non-striker’s end from James

Fielding highlights:

- Our field was put through its paces in the second half thanks to some lovely, free-flowing strokes from the Bankstown No. 7 Sehaj, but some disciplined practice sessions drilling getting down to the ball and dispatching accurate, not-too-fast, underarm throws to the stumps are starting to pay off. Our fielding is hugely improved!

- We can still work on our backing up. Any of the 5-10 ‘second runs’ they made courtesy of the a fielding mistake or two could have cost us the game, but these things are easy to say in hindsight

The Wash Up:

In the end it was surprisingly close. Bankstown had passed our off-the-bat total in the last couple of overs, but 2 late wickets to Gold meant the scores drew in the last over. In the end Bankstown nudged ahead with a couple of byes, but we took the fight to them through the very last ball, and Gold can feel very proud of a strong performance in the first game back - and continued improvement across all skills. Well done team - and onwards to round 14!


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