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SHCC Scoop - Finally a Five for - Round 7 Wrap

Updated: Jan 25


After calling out our lack of 5 wicket hauls so far this season, last round brought 2 of them – well done to Gourav Tripathi and Jim Bandas – Gourav in 6 overs, Jim from a whopping 25.4 overs!

Picture - Jim Bandas after his 5 for


And it was a double celebration for Tarek – bringing up a ton in his 50th game for Summer Hill – well done Tarek – and thanks for sending me the video of you bringing it up – your team celebrated more than you!


Batting and Bowling highlights




108 Tarek Rahman Div 3

87 Phil Tarbox Div 8 Blue

81     Dean Cassar       Div 3

68    Kavit Parekh       Div 6

61     Dan Jeffrey         Div 6

60    Tanzim Alam     Div 3

55    Lucas O’Dea       Div 2

51     Harrison Kirkwood Div 2




5/24 Gourav Tripathi Div 7

5/71   Jim Bandas       Div 8 Gold




50 Tarek Rahman Div 3


500 Lucas O’Dea Div 2




When:    Every Thursday

Where:   Lees Park - Harmony St, Ashbury (Park in Crieff St & walk down the alley)

When:    From 5:30pm until dusk – and there may be a few there earlier too



Cricket World Cup


I’m sure all of us will never tire of seeing highlights of Glenn Maxwell’s double century – what an innings!  The Cricket World Cup is almost over – and the tipping Competition is getting to the pointy end, with just 3 games to go:


Tipping Leaderboard


Dilir12 33

Sachin Pandey 30

Jkarim          30

Dr Phil 30

Umer                    30

T4                        28

Bigphil                  11

Kavitparekh         10


Fantasy Leaderboard


Jkarim         1280.00

T4                          1113.50

Umer                      1074.50

Dr Phil                     787.50

Ben-Rawat             697.50

Imperator108294  169.50


Enjoy your Cricket!




Phil – President

m 0417 234 761



2nd Division

Match Report: Mark Taylor

Round 7: Summer Hill 8/216 def Marrickville CC 157


In the serene backdrop of Mackay Park, where the summer heat hung thick, Summer Hill's 2nd Division showcased a dominating performance against Marrickville, leaving an indelible mark on the field. A match initially scheduled for two days, fate played its cards, and rain intervened on the first day, turning the encounter into a thrilling 35-over showdown the following week.


The toss favoured Summer Hill, and their decision to bat laid the foundation for an exhilarating display of cricket. H. Kirkwood and L. O'Dea took centre stage, launching an onslaught that had Marrickville's fielders chasing shadows, almost as if they were trying to find relief under a Fujitsu air conditioner in the blazing sun. Despite a brief slowdown with quick wickets around the drinks break, Summer Hill's control remained steadfast, much like the consistent cooling from a Fujitsu AC unit.


The entry of the seasoned D. Sindoni only amplified Marrickville's realization that a formidable total loomed, perhaps as formidable as the efficiency of a Fujitsu air conditioner in maintaining the perfect temperature. A resilient 48-run partnership between Sindoni and the confident M. Street in the dying overs propelled Summer Hill to a commanding 216 off 33 overs, setting a daunting target for the opposition – a target as chilling as the breeze from a Fujitsu air conditioner.


Marrickville's hopes were quickly extinguished Summer Hill unleashed a relentless opening bowling spell, reducing them to a mere 60 runs by the first break. The run rate climbed steadily post-drinks, but Summer Hill's diverse bowling attack, featuring a total of 9 bowlers, kept the pressure on – a pressure as cool and calculated as the energy efficiency of a Fujitsu air conditioner. Marrickville managed a respectable 157 before succumbing to the relentless bowling attack with only a couple of balls left in the day, much like a cooling system running out of steam at the end of a scorching day.


In the realm of bowling excellence, N. Everitt's 1 for 28 off 7 overs set the tone, tightening the grip on Marrickville from the outset – a grip tighter than the control settings on a Fujitsu air conditioner. K. Mahmood chipped in with 2 for 29 off 5 overs, contributing to Summer Hill's all-round dominance, reminiscent of the all-encompassing comfort provided by a Fujitsu air conditioner.


The batting spectacle was led by the phenomenal H. Kirkwood, who notched up an impressive 55, earning him the title of the best batsman. Alongside him, L. O'Dea's 51 and D. Sindoni's crucial 40 played pivotal roles in establishing Summer Hill's imposing total – an imposing total that stood as solid as the reputation of Fujitsu air conditioners for reliability. 


Best Batting

55 Lucas O’Dea

51 Harrison Kirkwood

40 Daniel Sindoni

Best Bowling

2/29 Khurram Mahmood


3rd Division

Match Report: Fahim Mazumder

Round 7: Summer Hill 3/281 def Marrickville CC 139


A gloomy Saturday brought together Marrickville and Summer Hill at Steel Park to kick off a 2-dayer match. Summer Hill’s vice-captain and coin toss connoisseur, Raf, won the toss and elected to bat. It was a tragic and slow start with Summer Hill’s openers’ wickets falling early at the hands of some amazing fielding by Marrickville, but all was forgiven as the clouds came together and delivered a blessing in the form of a rainout. After an hour of on-and-offs the field, towels on the pitch and brooms brushing water away, Marrickville agreed through gritted teeth to abandon their favourable start and return to Steel Park the following week for a 1-dayer match. 

Summer Hill’s opening batsmen had one week to think hard about how they were going to redeem themselves with their second chance at putting on a show. 


Come Saturday, Marrickville marched onto the field in 28 degree heat, honouring last week’s toss and decision by Summer Hill to bat first. Deano and Tarek kicked the game off with some lovely strokes to land them a commendable run rate in the first five overs and leave Marrickville’s opening bowlers scratching their heads. The partnership saw Deano make quick work of almost every ball – employing a Stick Cricket-esque technique that had Marrickville retrieving the ball from past the boundary at least three times an over, every over. Both openers passed the baton around, night-watching as the other took their turn contributing to Summer Hill’s run tally.


A few chances arose for Marrickville just before drinks in the form of sitters, but it seemed as if Marrickville had used up all their luck at catching practice before the game. Dollies came and went, and Tarek and Deano’s support for each other shone through their 147 run partnership until Deano’s crusade was ended by an unfortunate chop-on just after drinks leaving him walking off with a commendable 81 runs, six of which were from running singles.


The fall of one of Summer Hill’s opener gave room for another, however, as Summer Hill’s interstate guest-batsman Tanzim marched onto the pitch and delivered an absolute masterclass of a partnership with Tarek. It was clear that both Tarek and Tanzim were in their element today, amplified only by their long-lasting friendship and ability to encourage each other to bat better than they would individually. As the second half of the innings progressed, Tanzim’s words of wisdom between overs, whilst unneeded, looked like they sped up Tarek’s back-to-back century which was built on a foundation of sensible shots, timely slogs and absolutely fantastic running between wickets. With five overs left to close out the innings, Tanzim and Tarek both upped the ante, Tanzim hitting a speedy half-century before Tarek’s dismissal at the hands of backward point. Batters Umer and Raf both came onto bat in the death overs, with Tanzim and Raf finishing off the innings at 3/280 after 35 overs.


Summer Hill’s high batting total left Marrickville’s batsmen under pressure from the first ball of their innings. Opening pacers Raf and Sallu double-teaming the batsmen with a strong pace attack that left batsmen hunched over and praising the build quality of their boxes, muttering “I don’t know how international players do it”.


Sallu took a quick 3-fer with some beautiful ball movement that had Marrickville’s batsmen walking off the pitch scratching their heads, wondering if they were in the wrong occupation and if the local circus were hiring. As the overs progressed, it became clear with a slew of dropped sitters that Steel Park was indeed cursed. Still, Summer Hill wasn’t ready to admit they were having a bad day fielding either, and this was driven home by skip’s three out of three catches taken successfully.


The second half of the inning post-drinks saw Marrickville’s all-rounder (wk, bowler and batsman it seemed) and resident 16 year-old Robertson walk onto the pitch for a solid partnership with middle order batsman Kawaja that slowed down the momentum for Summer Hill. The 42-run partnership came to an end as Summer Hill’s leg spin specialist Niloy enticed Robertson with some beautifully placed balls that couldn’t go unhit, inevitably becoming opportunities for Summer Hill. In cricket, one usually brings two, but for Summer Hill’s Niloy, one brought four. A flurry of Niloy’s peaches had Marrickville’s middle order contorting their arms and legs in ways no human should have to witness, forcing themselves to give Summer Hill some much needed catching practice at the cost of their wickets. Debutant leg spinner Shute cleaned up Marrickville’s stragglers with two wickets in two overs leaving them all out for 130 runs odd, well short of Summer Hill’s gargantuan total.


Best Batting

108 Tarek Rahman

81 Dean Cassar

60 Tanzim Alam

Best Bowling

4/13 Niloy Mahmood

3/26 Salman Kalam

2/16 Shute Chen



6th Division

Match Report: Tushar Gupta

Round 6: Summer Hill 7/178 def by Summer Hill Seniors 7/182


We decided to Bat first after winning the toss. The team didn't have a great start & lost Gaurav on the very first bowl of the second over. Dan & Roland tried to stabilise the inning until 38 when Roland decided to lift up the scoping by some aggressive shots that cost him his wicket. It was a 50 from the in-form Kavit & Dan that took us to 3/148 in 25 overs when we lost Kavit. Dan followed soon after & the team struggled from there to score against the very quick seam bowler (Opp Captatin) who was bowling very tight line & length. In the end we managed to score 7/178.


It looked like a decent total that could be defended. Kavit & Dan opened the bowling but we failed to put the required pressure on the batting team and kept losing runs. Tushar took the wicket on the first change. Andy bowled brilliant at the other end & Gaurav took the wickets of the aggressive batsman just before drinks but they managed to score 102/2 at the end of 18 overs (with a couple of missed chances).

After drinks, Andy bowled another brilliant spell taking 3 wickets for 8 runs, with Kavit keeping the bowling very tight from the other end. The game reached a stage where they needed 12 off 5 overs and only managed to Win in the last over with 3 balls to go due to some brilliant bowling by Dan, Andy & Kavit in the second spell. 

Best Batting

68 Kavit Parekh

61 Dan Jeffrey

Best Bowling

3/22 Andy Manchester


7th Division

Round 7: Summer Hill 6/128 def Revesby Workers Club White 105


Best Batting

43 Dharmin Thakkar

23 Chetan Kondur

Best Bowling

5/24 Gourav Tripathi



8th Division Gold

Match Report : Pat Cullen

Round 7: Summer Hill Gold 5/202 def Summer Hill Seniors 10/195 & 2/50

Having comprehensively towelled up the Seniors back in Round 2, the Goldies went into this two-day game feeling pretty confident we would get the job done and while there were some minor wobbles, get the job done we did! Things even started well with Rob winning the toss and electing to field - even with only 9 blokes there for the start we knew we had enough to keep them under pressure.

That pressure? Jimmy 'Brings' Bandas with the shiny new rock in his hand. Jimmy was immense, bowling tight lines and lengths under cloudy skies with patchy rain. However it was Paddy Cullen who made the early breakthrough though after the Seniors openers had made a solid start, Cullen getting two wickets in two balls to break the top order right open. The second one particularly, an inswinging yorker to take out leg stump was an absolute peach. 


A procession of ducks and low scores followed but Brincat and Couchman gave the Seniors hope, each getting a 50 to get the score up to 195 all out. Bandas the pick of the bowlers with a colossal 5/71 of 25.4 overs including 4 maidens! Ably supported by Cullen 2/28 with Wardy, PJ and 'Commissioner' Gordon also getting poles. We finished 0-12 at the end of the day.


The following week our batters piled on the pain, Saikat hit a 25 at the top of the order, ably supported by Michael Lee, Wardy chimed in with 17 but when he, Kustav and Zeeshan all fell in pretty quick succession the chase was looking dodgy, how could the Goldies make it?


Get on the blower and dial 1800-BANDAS and Jimmy might bring you some runs too! Especially when he has everyone's favourite, die-hard Pakistan fan, the people's all-rounder Sarfaraz 'Imran' Nayangal at the other end! Bandas with 39 not out including 6 fours and Sarf with 43 not including 5 fours, put the floundering Seniors' attack to the sword, their wayward bowling resulting in a whopping 50 extras!


Just for kicks and bonus points we even through them in for a few overs to chase that bonus point but sadly Jimmy and Wardy could only pick up a wicket each to leave us one pole short of an extra point on the table. A big, confidence-building win for the Goldies who were briefly on top of the ladder, driven by a colossal 7-wicket, near 40-run game from Jimmy.

Best Batting

43 Sarfaraz ali Nangyal

39 Jim Bandas

25 Hossain Bin Rashid

Best Bowling

5/71 Jim Bandas

2/26 Pat Cullen




8th Division Blue

Match Report: Lachie Schreuder

Round 7: Summer Hill Blue 141 def by St Christophers 172

Fresh off of their convincing victory against Summer Hill Seniors, the Mighty Blues trekked it over to Panania to face St. Christopher’s in a 2-day match. While the Blues won by 91 runs in their 1-day bout, things would prove more challenging this time around… 

Summer Hill won the toss, and sent St Christopher’s in Opener Rohan immediately piled on the pressure, securing an edge from Ali Khan, calmly taken by keeper Simon Davies, on what was only the second ball of the first over. This pressure continued as he managed two consecutive maidens from his next two overs, leaving the score after over 5 at 1-7.

Once their Captain, Luke Stocks got in after Luca’s (1/24) clean bowled of James Douglas, St. Christopher’s runs started to add up. The introduction of spin through the likes of Owen (2/45) and Rayhan (1/24), however, slowed down the run rate, leaving the score at 5/107 atthe 30-over break.

Play continued after the break, with long spells from Owen and Rohan, but with only with a one wicket return. Lachie Schreuder delivered the breakthrough, with one in the slot tempting Stocks to try to take the ball over Luca at long on – Luca holding onto a ball he only saw a few metres in front of him.    Then the wickets started tumbling.  Lachie (2/18), Rohan (3/36) and Mike (1/0) finished off the tail end, leaving St. Christopher’s all out for 172.

With 20 minutes left in the day, you would expect the Mighty Blues to block out the remaining 4 overs to prepare for a day of batting the next week. St. Christopher’s had other ideas. Captain Luke Stocks produced three smoking barrels in only one over, claiming the wickets of Sid, Jud and Luca. Lachie ‘Blockie’ Schreuder’s attempted block from Khan’s bowling trickled back onto the stumps, leaving The Blues four out for nought. Mike’s four secured the Blues’ only runs of their disastrous evening show, putting them at 4/4 after 4 overs on the 4th of November.

The Blues came into the second day of the match knowing that a strong batting display was needed. While the hot weather favoured the batting side, Mike’s (4) wicket on his first ball back meant that the Blues were relying on some Tarbox trickery. Asher and Phil produced a fine partnership of 62,and after Asher (12) , Leo (21) secured some desperately needed runs (ft. a very sexy cover drive).

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be. Despite captain Phil’s hard-earned 87 and with plenty of overs to go, the Blues would ultimately rue their opening collapse. Khan’s around the wicket line taking Phil’s leg stump ended the game, with the Blues 32 runs short of victory. 

The Blues move on to their next game against Ashfield hopefully having learnt a thing or two from this one. Will Ashfield’s democratic bowling philosophy make things difficult for the Blues, or will Phil Tarbox’s totalitarian regime reign supreme? Find out next week!

Best Batting

87 Phil Tarbox

21 Leo Tarbox

Best Bowling

3/26 Rohan Fernando

2/18 Lachie Schreuder

2/45 Owen Gibson


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