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SHCC Scoop - 22 runs and what a World Cup! Round 8 Wrap

Updated: Jan 25


If you checked the scores from our Clubs teams over the weekend, the result in Div 2 was not a mistake – St George Bowled out for 22 – what a result, and total domination of our bowlers, especially the all round NICE guy Zac Randall.

Winners are grinners! Div 2 celebrating their massive win


A reminder has come in from our Association about on field behaviour to all Clubs, with many reports having been made this season, particularly around abuse of player umpires during matches.  The Association has been issuing suspensions for unacceptable behaviour, and will continue to do so.  We are playing Park Cricket, – not Grade or Shires – and umpires are mostly volunteer players who are mostly doing their best.  Please represent yourself and Summer Hill CC in the best possible way this, and every weekend – and enjoy your cricket.



Batting and Bowling highlights




82 Saikat Bin Rashid Div 8 Gold

52*  Madushan Bandara Div 3

50  Dean Cassar                 Div 3

50 Luca Agius                   Div 8 Blue




5/10 Zac Randall Div 2






200 Neil Gordon                Div 8 Gold

150 Anthony Ishinjerro    Div 7

50 Sreesha Sounderam Div 7




When:    Every Thursday

Where:   Lees Park - Harmony St, Ashbury (Park in Crieff St & walk down the alley)

When:    From 5:30pm until dusk – and there may be a few there earlier too



Cricket World Cup


What a Final, and what a World Cup.  My appreciation of One Day Cricket is renewed after a wonderful tournament, with so many different styles of games – some very high scoring ones, matched by close, low scoring cliffhangers.


Australia outplayed India everywhere, and they showed their intent from the start with their desperation in the field, especially that fielding effort from Travis Head on the 2nd ball of the match.  There is something we can all take away from this match in how to win games of cricket.


Well done to the Winners of the Tipping and Fantasy Competitions.


Tipping Leaderboard


Dilir12                39

Jkarim                  38

Umer                    35

Sachin Pandey  34

T4                          32

Dr Phil                  32

Bigphil                 13

Kavitparekh        10


Fantasy Leaderboard


Jkarim                  1340.50

T4                          1202.00

Umer                     1142.00

Dr Phil                    823.00

Ben-Rawat            697.50

Imperator108294  169.50



Enjoy your Cricket!




Phil – President

m 0417 234 761



2nd Division

Match Report: Ravi Shastri

Round 8: Summer Hill 0/24 def St George Leagues Club 22


In the scorching crucible of Ewen Park, Summer Hill, who had been globe-trotting for four weeks, returned home with the enthusiasm of a wanderer finding their oasis. The atmosphere was electric, almost as electrifying as Tom Corben's thunderbolt that sent the St George opener back to the pavilion on the very first ball of the game.


Z Randall resumed his reign of terror on St George, dismantling the top order with a spectacular 5/10 off seven overs. One couldn't help but wonder if the opposition's batting was just a pitstop on their way to the pub.


Speaking of brevity, T Corben, after a 3 over breather, re-entered the fray at the end of Z Randall's masterclass. His precision in dismissing the tail showcased a level of efficiency that St George batters could only dream of emulating.


Joel's run-out of the St George skipper was executed with more finesse than St George's innings, which ended faster than a delivery from T Corben on a mission.


Skipper R Nawaz ensured the opposition's top score was sundries with 4 overthrows off a bye. Spectators wondered if St George's run rate was competing with the time it takes to microwave popcorn.


In a moment that encapsulated both drama and brevity, J Curnow charged towards fine leg in an attempt off M Selwood’s bowling, perhaps hoping to make up for last week's association registration blunder. Alas, the ball crashed into Z Randall's chest faster than the St George innings disappeared. M Selwood didn’t let that stop him, taking a pole of his own.


Now, onto the batting spectacle. D Greenhalgh, aka "the big show," embraced his role as the opening act, wasting no time in sending the first ball for a boundary and finishing the innings with an enormous six. The entire innings lasted shorter than a stand-up comedy set but left the audience in stitches – a stark contrast to St George, who barely had time to unpack their kit bags.


In the post-match accolades, Z Randall's spellbinding 5/10 off 7, rightfully earned him the "Best Bowler" award, while D Greenhalgh's explosive batting performance, saw him the undisputed "Best Batsman" of the match.


Final Score:

St George - 22 runs

Chased down in 10 balls by Summer Hill (Quicker than you can say St George)


Best Batting

19* David Greenhalgh

Best Bowling

5/10 Zac Randall

3/2 Tom Corben



3rd Division

Match Report : Dean Cassar

Round 8: Summer Hill 3/151 def Kingsgrove CC 150


Summer Hill started off with the ball in hand, a rare occurrence in the season so far thanks to the help of Raf’s crystal ball. From the get go, our bowlers were up to the task with Umer removing both openers cheaply with his immaculate and ever reliable line and length, coupled with movement. Speedster Rafael continued his remarkable season, taking out their 1st drop bat - leaving Kingsgrove 3-43, courtesy of another catch taken by our new and prized keeper, Brady. 


Fahim and skipper Jay then came on and continued Summer Hill's clinic with the ball, each taking a crucial wicket (including the wicket of a bonafide 'T20 superstar', according to Tarek). The pair created many more opportunities which our boys unfortunately couldn’t hold onto. Special mention however to a one handed screamer from Mads off Umer, which probably makes up for the 5 drops, it was that good. Wickets continued to steadily fall as Niloy then took over with a sharp caught and bowled, leaving Kingsgrove 5 for 80 odd at drinks. 


Tarek then made some further inroads picking up 2 quick wickets for just 10 runs while bowling at a noticeably increased pace. Raf then bowled over the tail to clean Kingsgrove up for 150.


This seasons new opening pair of Tarek and Dean was put to the test, facing up against some disciplined swing bowling. However, Kingsgrove were no match for 'the Fortress’ of Tareks defence, who frustrated the opposition, seeing out the opening bowlers and taking off the shine. Boundaries gradually started to flow as Dean took his chances and quickly reached 50. Unfortunately he was then run out soon after, with his positive intent backfiring while taking on an ambitious quick single. This brought our ever reliable number 3 to the crease. Mads looked in the zone from ball one, as he caressed balls into gaps and paced his innings perfectly, building up to a monstrous six over mid wicket to bring up his 50. Also, honourable mention to Rafs well paced 21 not out, taking the opportunity with his promotion up the order, where he and Mads put on an unbeaten partnership of 55 to close the game out.



Best Batting

52* Madushan Bandara

50 Dean Cassar

Best Bowling

2/10 Tarek Rahman

2/23 Rafal Bruzzese

2/29 Umer Ajaz

2/31 Niloy Mahmood



6th Division – Day 1 completed of a 2 day match.



7th Division

Match Report: Dharmin Thakkar

Round 8: Summer Hill 90 def by Earlwood Cricket Club 5/166


Opting to bowl first after winning the toss, we aimed to capitalize on the favourable breeze, anticipating early swing assistance. The decision seemed promising initially, with Prabhu and Muniraj delivering economical spells. Muniraj made an early breakthrough, claiming a crucial wicket.


While the team started well, the post-break phase witnessed an increase in leaked runs. Earlwood CC capitalized on the lapses, accumulating 100 runs in the second half of their innings. Ben emerged as the standout bowler for SHCC, claiming three wickets for 27 runs.


Facing a target of 166, SHCC encountered early setbacks in their batting innings, losing three wickets quickly. Earlwood CC's bowlers maintained pressure, causing the required run rate to escalate. Muniraj and Prabhu exhibited resilience in the middle order, but losing Muniraj before reaching half the target proved detrimental.


Despite the efforts of Muniraj and Prabhu, SHCC concluded their innings with a total of 90 runs, falling well short of the target. Prabhu remained unbeaten at 19*, providing some resistance in the face of Earlwood CC's challenging bowling attack.


Best Batting

23 Muniraj Mahajan

Best Bowling

3/27 Ben Rawat


8th Division Gold

Match Report : Pat Cullen

Round 8: Summer Hill Gold 5/149 def by Panania East Hills RSL 4/150


A devastatingly frustrating game of cricket that could easily have gone our way with a bit better application in all areas of the game. Panania won the toss on a crystal clear, hot day in Bankstown and elected to field... strange. Maybe our reputation as a chasing side proceeded us. A bunch of young blokes, most likely still on their green 'P' plates, the Panania opening bowlers bowled absolute wheels. Parameter 2/11 off 7 was particularly impressive.


Kenny fell quickly to a good piece of bowling and Kaustav stepped across his stumps getting hit in front and after six overs we were 2-8. Less good. Not ideal. Saikat however, just needed a partner and in Michael Lee he found one. The two batters put on a whopping 128 run partnership for the third wicket, getting the Goldies up to a respectable 5-149. It's important to mention just how phenomenal Saikat was for his 82, crashing cut shots, booming drives, pulls off the hip he hit 11 fours on a massive ground and looked imperious. He even batted through severe cramps in a true Maxwellian fashion. Fantastic stuff!


It is also worth mentioning that the Panania fielding was truly awful, they must-have dropped 10 or 11 catches. One truly Benny Hill style moment saw Saikat sky a ball straight up, stumble to the other end, the fielder dropped it, went to throw it (he would have been out by a mile) managed to miss everything and sent it for overthrows. Proper village stuff! We all laughed very hard, a sensation we would soon regret.


Our bowling started well, Zeeshan got an opener LBW in his first over. Cullen picked up 2 wickets in pretty good succession, Kaustav holding on to an absolute screamer at point. Eyes closed, hand behind his head, non-dominant hand and somehow it stuck! But the real story of the bowling innings was a team who couldn't catch a cold. Multiple chances went down, some tricky but a couple of absolute dollies including skied catches that no one went for. Our karma for laughing at Panania earlier!


It proved to be a long day in the field where after some initial success the Goldies couldn't take a trick. Zeeshan the pick of the bowlers with 2/25, ably supported by Cullen with 2/30. However improvement is needed to get back to our winning ways which will hopefully start this week against St Christophers!


Best Batting

82 Hossain “Saikat” Bin Rashid

32 Michael Lee

Best Bowling

2/25 Zeeshan Zeeshan

2/30 Pat Cullen


8th Division Blue

Match Report : Phil Tarbox

Round 8: Summer Hill Blue 132 def by Ashfield Cricket Club 147


After losing another toss, Summer Hill Blue were asked to field – not our preferred start to a match, but one we will need to get used to.


The match was off to a bright start, with Sid taking a wicket in his first over, bowling a wonderful accurate opening spell with 2/12 off 5 overs – ably assisted by Rohan with 0/14.  The scoring rate was slow, but wickets weren’t falling as quickly as Blue would like.  Asher and Owen were brought into the attack, with neither breaking through and the drinks break looming.  To mix things up, Liam was thrown the ball before drinks – with the faith in him shown by the skipper after going for 11 in his first over, striking with the 2nd ball of his 2nd over, thanks to some Lees Park low bouncing pitch magic – and followed it up the next over with another – Ashfield 4/70 at drinks.


Asher struck after drinks with wickets on consecutive balls, to be on a hat trick for the 2nd time this season . He made a much better go of the hattrick ball, actually making the batter play this time. But those wickets brought in Nathan “Yellow Pads” Ruff, who showed he was a class above with a well made 58, causing some grief to Blue.  The damage was limited, with Nathan often taking a single at the start of an over, and some tight fielding cutting off singles and boundaries from his batting partner.


Some errant fielding at the end, with Ruff dropped twice from 2 difficult chances at Deep Square Leg and Fine Leg which cost Blue some runs, but they saved face, bowling out Ashfield for a very gettable 147.


Blue’s innings started badly, with Gibbo playing a shot which was the pre-cursor to Kohli’s dismissal in the World Cup Final – chopping on from the 2nd ball of the day.  Sadly, Phil Tarbox didn’t fair much better, edging a ball he would have usually left, leaving Blue in a tough spot at 2/14 in the 2nd over.  The run rate was not a problem – just the wickets lost.


Luca and Sid put on a quick fire 50 partnership, with Luca reaching 50 before you could blink – and then he was out on your next blink – Blue 4/84 after 10, needing another 64 runs for victory – time was not an issue, we just needed to keep our heads. 


And keep our heads we did not – with 2 run outs leading to our downfall.


Some honest batting by Craig, Lachie, Rohan and Owen almost got us over the line with the last 3 wickets putting on 43 – but it was a tough ask for the lower order as their quality opening bowlers returned.


Ashfield’s last match vs Blue had a touch too much bowling democracy, with everyone getting a go, to their own detriment.  This was a match where they had the measure of democracy spot on – albeit with much better bowling – although Blue could learn a lot from the World Cup batting Innings of Marnus, who assessed the situation beautifully, and batted out a calm and considered innings chasing a meagre total.


2 consecutive losses has given Blue some pause for thought – but the chance to redeem ourselves against the ladder leading Panania this weekend – and to work out the right balance between democracy and totalitarianism.


Best Batting

50 Luca Agius

Best Bowling

4/21 Sidhant Nidimoru

2/14 Luca Agius

2/19 Liam Hester

2/23 Asher Tarbox






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