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SHCC Scoop - Finals are here, 2 teams Minor Premiers

After 15 Rounds the Finals are here – and SHCC has 5 teams qualify this year.  Congratulations to our 2nd and 3rd Grade sides, who sealed their Minor Premierships with wins on the weekend - one very emphatic! Well done to both teams on a wonderful season so far.


I mentioned Jim Bandas playing his 100th match last round. In his 100th game, he also took is 200th wicket for the Club in the same match.  Well done Jim!


End of Year Awards

At this time of year there are not only Premiership’s to play for, but also Summer Hill’s Finals only trophy – the Glenn Holdstock Player of the Finals Award.


Glenn is one of our Club founders, and played in our Clubs very first Seniors Premiership.  He is still involved in the Club, coaching our u13’s and can be occasionally found at Seniors Training, and watches a few matches during the year – especially at Lees Park. 


This Award started 2 seasons ago, after our Div 7 side went oh so close to winning their Grand Final – and one performance on the day stood out – Liam Hinchcliffe, our inaugural winner, almost single handedly won the match with a swashbuckling 42*, to go with 3 wickets and a catch. 


Here are a few words from Glenn – and check out your email inbox for Glenn’s full message


So, how do you win Premierships?  Get to the finals and win all your matches.


Simple … if only


Contesting Premierships, ‘getting to the finals’, may only come around every year or three.

But going right through finals, winning your Premiership, and all that entails, is a reward for effort through a hard fought challenge of body, mind and spirit.


“If someone has to do it, it might as well be YOU”, has been ever a Captain’s plea to a player to win a tight match.  This Award is for players who step up in those moments, turning a match on your actions.  Premierships are not given – they are taken – so let’s take the one that is front of you this March.


Friday, April 12th – Seniors Awards Night


Be sure to reserve your place for our end of season Awards Night.  Link below.


Pratten Park Bowling Club have a new Colombian Check, and Paella is on the menu – Yum! 


When: Friday, April 12th

Time: from 6pm, for a 7pm start

Where: Pratten Park Bowling Club (PPBC) – 42 Arthur St, Ashfield

Cost: Free for all 23/24 Full Time, Part Time and Casual Players.  Guests $30 each – payable on the night.

Included: Dinner.  Cash Bar available on the night

RSVP: Reserve your place online here:


Please let me know if you would like to be involved in any way - we are always looking for ways to improve.  Please give me a call, or send me an email if you would like to be involved, or have any ideas. 

Batting and Bowling highlights from the Round



76  Dean Cassar

68  Madushan Bandara

50  Pulok Rema



Club Milestones



2,000     Kavit Parekh       Div 6



200        Jim Bandas          Div 8 Gold



50           Jud Agius             Div 8 Blue

100        Jim Bandas          Div 8 Gold





When:   Every Thursday

Where:  Lees Park - Harmony St, Ashbury (Park in Crieff St & walk down the alley)

When:   From 5:30pm until dusk – and there may be a few there earlier too



Enjoy your Cricket!




Phil – President

m 0417 234 761



2nd Division Match Report: Sir Ian Botham

Round 15: Summer Hill 3/39 def Summer Hill Seniors 38


In a display of sheer dominance at Ewen Park, Summer Hill unleashed a cricketing spectacle that left fans in awe and opponents in despair. Summer Hill Seniors, having lost the toss, were thrust into the crease against a ferocious opening onslaught led by T. Corben and backed by the relentless force of N. Everitt. The scoreboard grimaced as the Seniors stumbled to 6/37 after just 14 overs. At 4/3, they teetered on the brink of calamity, with the ghosts of a record-low score haunting their every move.


But fate showed no mercy as R. Nawaz and D. Greenhalgh ruthlessly dismantled the tail, leaving the Seniors reeling at 38 all out in a mere 17.1 overs. It marked the second occasion this season that Summer Hill had shackled a team to less than 50 runs at Ewen Park, a fortress now synonymous with their unrivalled prowess.


In response, Summer Hill embarked on a swift chase, deftly dispatching their adversaries' total in a mere 8 overs, albeit at the loss of 3 wickets. The gulf between the sides was stark, highlighted not only by Summer Hill's relentless bowling assault but also by their clinical fielding display, contrasting sharply with Seniors' lapses in the field, dropping crucial catches at pivotal moments.


As the final wicket fell, Summer Hill erupted in jubilation, triumphant in their first victory over Summer Hill Seniors in four seasons. With time to spare, they savoured the sweet taste of victory with an early barbecue, a fitting celebration to commemorate their crowning achievement: the Minor Premiership. Truly, a day etched in the annals of Summer Hill cricketing lore, where skill, determination, and camaraderie converged in a symphony of triumph.


And as the players savoured their barbecue feast, amidst laughter and camaraderie, someone quipped, "You know, it will probably take longer to write the match report than it did for us to win the match!" Laughter erupted, echoing across Ewen Park, a light hearted reminder of the swift and decisive nature of their victory.  Truly, a day where the tales spun were as brisk as the game itself.


Best Batting

15*   Savio Gracias Flor


Best Bowling

4/11  Tom Corben

3/0    David Greenhalgh

2/22  Nic Everitt



3rd Division Match Report :  Mark Nicholas

Round 15: Summer Hill 8/201 def DLSK 9/195


As I sat in my Bentley, parked along Bayview Avenue, my attention was drawn to the captivating spectacle unfolding at Waterworth Park. With a bag of Kettle Chili crisps in one hand and a jar of caviar in the other, I settled in for what promised to be a cricketing extravaganza between Summer Hill Cricket Club and DLSK.The coin was tossed, and SHCC found themselves sent in to bat by their foes.  The stage was set for a battle of epic proportions.

With each crunch of a crisp, I watched as SHCC's batsmen took to the crease with the finesse of seasoned artisans.The innings unfolded with the precision of a well-choreographed dance, with AFM Maruf leading the charge and Dean Cassar delivering a symphony of strokes that left the opposition reeling. The scoreboard ticked over, propelled by a flurry of boundaries and singles, until SHCC had amassed a commanding total of 201 runs for the loss of 8 wickets.But cricket, as we know, is a game of glorious uncertainties, and DLSK was not about to concede defeat without a fight.

Led by the gallant efforts of Hasibul Kaifi and Daniel Nader, they launched into their chase with the determination of warriors on a quest for victory.Alas, the tale of the match was not confined to SHCC's batting prowess alone. In the second innings, the bowlers took centre stage, with Raf and Wassi unleashing a barrage of fast bowling that left the DLSK batsmen gasping for breath. Even from some 120 yards away, I was in awe while watching the two quick men operate, with one particular inswinger bowled by the burly Wassi, reminding me of the last time I can recall swing being worked by the oracle - some 19 years ago. Indeed, the same phrase came to be uttered by my lips, almost unwillingly, as the booming inswinger cut DLSKs batsman in half, like it did then a 24 year old Michael Clarke, all those years ago...


"That is very good".

As the tension mounted and the clock ticked away, I found myself licking the jar of caviar clean, the excitement of the contest palpable even from my distant perch. With each passing over, the pendulum of momentum swung back and forth, until finally, the last ball was bowled, and SHCC emerged victorious by the barest of margins. As I savoured the final moments of the match, relishing the bittersweet taste of victory mingling with the tang of chili and fish roe on my lips, I couldn't help but reflect on the timeless beauty of the game. Cricket, with its highs and lows, its ebbs and flows, has a way of captivating the soul like no other.

And so, as I drove away from Waterworth Park, the echoes of the match still ringing in my ears, I knew that I had borne witness to something truly extraordinary. But fear not, dear reader, for this is not the end. I'll be back to watch from afar next week, my eyes peeled for the next thrilling encounter. If you happen to see me, do not look for me – for I am but a humble observer, seeking only to witness the magic of the game unfold before me, while enjoying my crisps and caviar.



Best Batting

76  Dean Cassar

68  Madushan Bandara

33  AFM Maruf

23*  Arup Saha


Best Bowling

3/29  Wassi Hossain

2/29   Raf Bruzzese


6th Division

Round 14: Summer Hill 94 def by St Christophers Maroon 7/184


Sadly this is the end of the Season for 6th Division – a win, and all other results going our way may have got us into Finals, but we were not able to test the elasticity of the ladder.


It was great to have many playing in this team back at the Club after a few years away.


And thanks to all the players from other Grades who have played a game for 6th Division this season:

Peter Street,  Dharmin Thakkar, Anthony Ishinjerro, Asher Tarbox, Simon Davies, Matthew Street, Phil Tarbox, James Davies, Michael Davies and Liam Hester.



Best Bowling

2/24   Kavit Parekh



7th Division

Round 15: Summer Hill Won by Forfeit vs Revesby Workers Club Maroon



8th Division Gold vs Blue Match Report : Pat Cullen

Round 15: Summer Hill Gold 4/111 def Summer Hill Blue 110


With both teams qualified for the finals in an 8th grade first for the club I believe, this final intraclub derby was a chance for the Goldies to secure third place and for the Blues to get a last tune up before finals. 


The game was also an opportunity for the mind games to begin before the potential of an all Summer Hill grand final! This started in earnest when Phil won the toss and elected to bat, deploying middle order, Rahul Dravid-impersonator Jud Agius out there to blunt the Kathmandu Express, the Himalayan Thunder Shishir Shrestha and of course that man Bandas.


Gibbo and Judd made a cautious start before Gibbo was caught at point of Shishir bringing the dangerous El Prez, Phil Tarbox to the crease. With 644 runs at 46 this year the Prez was a massive wicket, the Goldies had a simple plan, to suffocate that dangerous pull shot and force an uncomfortable stroke, PJ with the breakthrough well held by Shishir. 


Juddy kept the wall up and when joined by his son Luca they threatened to run away with it. Luca started slow, but once he got his eye in he was immense, pounding some massive sixes over square leg, taking particular revenge on Commissioner Gordon after Judd fell to the mystery spin for 20.


Once Luca was out to a blinder of a catch, the tail of the Blues fell away pretty quickly, collapsing from 4/89 to be all out for 110. The wickets split between PJ, Bandas, Cullen, Shishir and Zeeshan. It’s worth mentioning the Thornbury Turf Strokers D Grade and Summer Hill CC 8th Div exchange program with Tom ‘Junior’ Sanderson, son of Rob in the side taking three great catches and operating some fantastic chat.

Picture: Tom and Rob Sanderson before the match 

Tom headed out with Rema to open for the Goldie’s. Rema under particular time pressure having promised his wife he’d be at a concert at 5pm, he was going to have to go quickly. Tom played some lovely strokes before being undone by a great ball from Sid. While at the other end Rema started conservatively before doing what Rema does best, launching bombs into outer freaking orbit. 


Watch out Elon Musk, Summer Hill is launching its own space program based off the middle of Remas bat! When it hit 5pm Rema looked to retire - until he found out he was on 42*. A couple of big hits later, Rema brought up his 50 and promptly ran to off to the concert.


Following his departure the Goldies had a bonafide wobble, losing 2 in an over (including a bizarre hit wicket) to Owen before Zeeshan came in to emphatically finish the job, he and Kaustav seeing us home with 6 wickets in hand.


A good win for the Goldies before the finals but eyebrows were raised with Luca Agius not bowling a ball and a highly reshuffled batting order, could this have been canny captaincy to lull the Goldies into a false sense of security before an all Summer Hill Grand Final? Only time will tell…



Best Batting Gold

50  Pulok Rema

27* Zeeshan Zeeshan


Best Bowling Gold

3/21 PJ Rosenberger

2/16  Shisir Shrestha

2/19  Pat Cullen


Best Batting Blue

40 Luca Agius

20 Jud Agius


Best Bowling Blue

2/19  Owen Gibson



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