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SHCC Scoop - 6 out of 6 ain't bad, Presentation Night April 12th

Updated: Feb 8

5.2.24 In what was the longest 2 day match ever (thanks to the public holiday weekend in the middle) Summer Hill recorded 5 wonderful wins.  Div 6 have had the most sensible schedule of all grades, and started a 2 day match last weekend, following a win just prior to the long weekend. 6 winners for us. Nice job everyone!


Well done to Div 8 Gold, beating the ladder leaders last round in what was an excellent contest – read on below.


Picture - 8 Gold chalk up another Win!

Unfortunately our Division 2 side had another forfeit – this one a bit more understandable than the previous week, but they could do with some match practice over the next 2 rounds leading into Finals.  Fingers crossed for two good matches leading into the Finals.


5 out of our 6 teams are in Finals contention – this is a great result for Summer Hill – all players in all teams should be very proud of your performances this Season, along with our sportsmanship.

Div 2 1st

Div 3 2nd

Div 6 7th

Div 7 1st

Div 8 Blue 2nd

Div 8 Gold 3rd


Save the Date - Presentation Night - April 12th


Block out your calendar for our Annual Awards night


When: Friday, April 12th

Time: from 6pm, for a 7pm start

Where: Pratten Park Bowling Club


Included: Buffet Dinner for all Full Time, Part Time and Casual Players.

Guests $30 each – payable on the night.

RSVP: Reserve your place here

Cash Bar available on the night


Please let me know if you would like to be involved in any way, or have any ideas - we are always looking for ways to improve.  Please give me a call, or send me an email or have a chat at training.


New Website & Instagram


Our website has had an upgrade over the Christmas period – and all SHCC Scoops are now available on the Blog.  Pictures are very welcome, so please send through team and action pics when you can.

 And be sure to follow us on Instagram.



Batting and Bowling highlights



111    Phil Tarbox         Div 8 Blue

79   Saikat Rashid      Div 8 Gold

58   Shaik Abdullah   Div 7

51  Zameer Bhinde    Div 6



6/26   Andy Manchester  Div 6


SHCC Milestones:


1,000   Pulok Rema   Div 8 Gold



100      Armaan Nawaz   Div 2




When:   Every Thursday

Where:  Lees Park - Harmony St, Ashbury (Park in Crieff St & walk down the alley)

When:   From 5:30pm until dusk – and there may be a few there earlier too



Enjoy your Cricket!




Phil – President

m 0417 234 761



2nd Division Match Report: Brian Lara

Round 13: Summer Hill 2/13 def St George Leagues 162 by FORFEIT

Gathered at the historic Waterworth Park, under the sun's gentle gaze, Summer Hill and St George Leagues embarked on a journey that promised to etch itself into the annals of cricketing lore. As the day unfolded, it was St George Leagues who first graced the pitch, their batsmen taking guard with the weight of expectation upon their shoulders. With measured strokes and determined resolve, they navigated the challenges posed by Summer Hill's bowlers, setting a competitive total of 162 despite losing a wicket on the very first ball of the game.


As shadows lengthened and the afternoon sun cast its golden hue across the field, Summer Hill took up the mantle of reply. Led by the grace and flair reminiscent of cricketing legends, they fought valiantly against St George Leagues' bowling attack. Amidst the ebb and flow of the game, Summer Hill concluded the day's play at 13 runs for the loss of 2 wickets. Their spirits undeterred as they looked forward to the challenge of the morrow.


Day 2


With anticipation building and hearts brimming with excitement, the cricketing fraternity eagerly awaited the culmination of this epic encounter. However, fate, with its capricious hand, dealt a cruel blow as news arrived on the Thursday preceding the scheduled continuation of play that the match was forfeited.


In the hallowed halls of Waterworth Park, where dreams are nurtured and legends born, a pall of disappointment descended. The camaraderie and competition that had electrified the field were replaced by a sombre reflection on what could have been. The unforeseen circumstances that befell St George Leagues cast a shadow over the proceedings, leaving both teams and spectators alike grappling with the abrupt conclusion of a contest filled with promise and potential.


As I, Brian Lara, recount this tale of unfinished glory, let it serve as a reminder that in the world of cricket, as in life, triumph and tribulation walk hand in hand.


Summer Hill 2nds remain in first place moving into the final 2 games of the season with the boys playing only 1 day of cricket since December.


Summer Hill Cricket Club offer their condolences to St George Leagues CC and their players for the loss of one of their own.


The Lara special Man of the match - A Nawaz with 4/30 off 8 overs

Best Bowling:

4/30  Armaan Nawaz

2/12  Rehaan Nawaz

2/32  Peter Street



3rd Division Match Report : Sakib al Mohammad

Round 13: Summer Hill 3/110d & 1/14 def by First Innings Kingsgrove CC 90 & 55


On a sombre Saturday, Summer Hill’s 3rd Division team convened early at the nets in Beaman Park, gearing up for a showdown against Kingsgrove.  Sportingly Summer Hill opted to bowl first as Kingsgrove were a bit short at the start of play.


As the action unfolded on the pitch, Kingsgrove struggled against the well-prepared and determined Summer Hill squad, promising an intriguing two-day match. The Summer Hill standout, Rafael, kicked off the proceedings with a strong first over, instilling fear into the Kingsgrove openers and securing a maiden over. Wassi continued the quick pace, setting up a brilliantly caught dismissal by Madushan. Captain Jay, strategically shifting to spin, added to the confusion in the Kingsgrove top order, with Wassi and Jay both snatching 4 wickets through outstanding catches by Mads, Fahim, Dean, and Wassi. The Kingsgrove middle order sought to change the match's trajectory by adopting a more defensive batting style and accumulating runs. However, the Summer Hill bowlers, led by Dean, took matters into their own hands, dismantling the stumps and adding another wicket through a catch. Dean's over created the momentum needed for Summer Hill to believe in their ability to dismantle Kingsgrove's lineup. Captain Jay introduced Tarek to slow down the pace, making it challenging for Kingsgrove to build on their score.


After the tea break, Captain Jay introduced a wildcard, giving Sakib his debut ove. Despite a nervous start with two wides, Sakib's perseverance paid off as he secured a crucial wicket with a well-taken catch by Dean, sending the squad into wild celebrations. With high spirits, Tarek continued another over, but Kingsgrove managed to gain momentum, hitting a boundary and a six. However, a confident shot proved costly as Shute, with an impressive catch, claimed his first catch for Summer Hill.


The formidable trio of Mads, Raf, and Jay took charge against the remaining Kingsgrove lower order, each contributing with a wicket, and Jay wrapping up their lineup. Kingsgrove battled hard but was all out for just 89 runs, with plenty of overs to spare. Summer Hill was poised for a comfortable win, and with a slight tweak to their batting order, they opened with Captain Jay and regular opener Tarek.


Kingsgrove, refusing to concede easily, focused on their bowling strength and fielding. They quickly claimed the wicket of our captain, Jay, and later took Tarek's stumps with a slow-paced delivery. Despite the setbacks, we remained confident. The duo of Arup and Mads showcased a batting masterclass, but as the clock struck 5:30, the umpire called an end to the day's play.


Day 2 commenced with Mad's and Arup finishing what they started, securing a victory for Summer Hills with 110 runs. Captain Jay opted for a second innings to accrue additional points.  Our bowlers, hungry for wickets, dismantled Kingsgrove's batting order like dominos. With time not our on our side, we needed 35 runs in 2 overs to secure an outright win – which was a bridge too far for us 


All the boys can be very proud of our effort – we demonstrated our values and talents on and off the field, navigating challenges with resilience and sportsmanship.


Best Batting

First Innings

40  Madushan Bandara

25  Tarek Rahman

23*  Arup Saha

Best Bowling

First Innings

3/15 Wassi Hossain

2/7  Madushan Bandara


Second Innings

3/17 Raf Bruzzese

2/7 Dean Cassar



6th Division Match Report: Tushar Gupta

Round 11: Summer Hill 4/139d won FIRST INNINGS vs Dobroyd Point CC 80 & 4/185


It was a hot day to play cricket. Dobroyd decided to bat first after winning the toss. The team had a great start with Sachin & Daniel providing a great start. At first break Dobroyd were 3/18. Post the first drinks break, Summer Hill 6th’s continued the same pressure from both ends with Andy bowling magnificently and Asher (from 8 Blue) keeping the bowling tight. The cherry on the top was the two wickets of the highest scoring bats taken by Andy in the very first over post drinks and another one by Kavit with a superb catch by Samarth at long on.


Dobroyd could not recover from this and got bowled out for 80 with Andy taking 6 wickets (best figures of his career) and some great catching by the new recruit Bil. Zameer & Roland opened the batting for us and Zameer got us to flyer start with Roland keeping the other end tight. Zameer played all around the ground with him reaching his second fifty of the season, including 2 sixes and 6 fours. Summer Hill with a comprehensive First Innings win, by 7 wickets. 


Best Batting

51  Zameer Bhinde

29  Andy Manchester


Best Bowling

First Innings

6/26   Andy Manchester

2/6    Kavit Parekh


Second Innings

2/23  Dan Jeffrey

2/52  Tushar Gupta


7th Division Match Report : Dharmin Thakkar

Round 13: Summer Hill 7/172d def Earlwood CC 108 & 5/43

In a pivotal encounter against Earlwood, Summer Hill’s 7th Division team showcased a commanding performance in round 13, securing a crucial win to break even with them this season.  With the outfield sporting overgrown grass, this was an important toss to win – and we did – and we sent them in to bat – confident our bowlers could do the job – and thatthe grass would be cut before Day 2.  We were ready for an enthralling contest.


From the outset, Summer Hill's bowlers delivered a mesmerizing display, led by the dynamic trio of Aman, Sid (from 8 Blue), and Dharmin. Their early onslaught yielded three quick wickets, stifling Earlwood's batting lineup and maintaining an economy rate of under 2.50 runs per over throughout the innings.


Building on this solid foundation, Summer Hill's bowlers continued to exert pressure, with Shaik Gourav, Umer, and Ben further denting Earlwood's hopes with their relentless bowling spells.  Earlwood all out for 108.


In response, Summer Hill's opening pair of Shaik and Dharmin came out with intent, showcasing aggressive stroke play and building a formidable 84-run partnership. Shaik's exquisite flicks to deep midwicket for boundaries against one of their most successful pace bowlers really set the tone for our dominance.


Despite the loss of Shaik, the middle order displayed resilience, guiding the team to a commanding lead of 64 runs – and then came a declaration. 


In Earlwood’s second innings, Summer Hill's bowlers continued their relentless assault, with Ben, Umer, and Hamza wreaking havoc and reducing Earlwood to 43 for 5 wickets.


In the field, Rafi's athleticism proved crucial, executing a brilliant run-out to dismiss the last batsman on day one.


Overall, it was a clinical team performance from Summer Hill Cricket Club, showcasing significant improvements since their previous encounter with Earlwood. The victory not only levelled the scoreline but also underscored the team's determination and resolve as they continue their campaign in the competition.


Man of the match Batting performance : Shaik 58 (10 boundaries)

Best Batting

58  Shaik Abdullah

31  Dharmin Thakkar

20  Chetan Kondur


Best Bowling

First Innings

3/8  Dharmin Thakkar

2/16  Gourav Tripathi

Second Innings

3/2  Ben Rawat 


8th Division Gold Match Report : PJ Rosenberger III

Round 13: Summer Hill Gold 9/225 def Panania East Hills RSL 180


Losing the toss, we were put in. For horticulture aficionados, Lees Park was an unmown cane field that likely cost us 20-40 runs (yet was mowed for day 2 and helped Panania).


With the bat, Saikat and Ken opened, but Ken was quickly off (1). Ward and Saikat then kicked on for an 87-run partnership till Ward was run out (27) in the 29th, with Kaustav (3) also run out soon after. Rema smacked a quick-fire 27 before being judged adjacent, with the Goldies 4-144 in the 34th, bringing in Michael Lee (back from a fractured collarbone).


Whilst everything happened at the other end, Saikat got off to a flyer with a string of boundaries, and continued to kick on and raising his bat till out caught (79). Surprisingly, Bandas (5) played a late cut/glide and was caught by the well-placed fielder, with Captain Rob adding another handful (5) to the total. As Lee accumulated, Zeeshan (13) and Shishir (4) came and went, as Michael Lee (27*) and Gordon (0*) closed out our innings 9-225 (59 overs), with Panania using 11 bowlers. Saikat’s knock, with support from S. Undries (32) and contributions from Ward, Lee and Rema got us to a competitive total (despite the best efforts of the cane field and our running between the wickets) we felt we had a total we could defend.


Day 2 featured the mown field and a slow start by the father-and-son Panania openers with Bandas and Shishir bowling. Shishir surprised the father opener and our slips with a sharp bouncer that flew off the bat handle through the slips, then bowling him in the 10th. PJ came on and found his swing to get the second wicket in the 18th, with Panania 2-33. This brought Panania’s top bat L Parmeter to the crease, who started to up their tempo. Panania then suffered their own run out, with the other opener (a good LH bat) sent to the sheds through a Lee/Bandas run out.


Zeeshan bowled the 4th and Rema bowled the 5th with a dipping full ball. Parmeter then combined with Panania’s captain for an 88-run partnership, which was ended by an off-pace delivery by Zeeshan disturbing the timber in the 50th.  


At 6–169, the game was in the balance with Parmeter still in. Sensing a disturbance in the force was coming Bandas set things right the very next over, as he got out the mop as he picked up Parmetet (67) and then bowled the tail to close out the game in the 54th.


In the field, we effected a run out, and Neil Gordon took a sharp catch to get Parameter out (and protect his Blue Steel look). The Cirque du Soleil award goes to Metry for his juggling act to hold onto the edge for PJ‘s wicket. Kaustav gets the “I think it’s coming to me so I should stick my hand out (and catch it) award” for his snaffle. Shishir gets the “surprised everyone bouncer award”. Zeeshan gets the “passionate bull-snorting wicket-celebration award”. And the mower gets the “quotient hurt award”.


Overall, good to get a win against competition leaders, though there was no time to chase bonus points. We also want to thank the fans who came to watch us!


Best Batting

79  Hossain “Saikat” Bin Rashid

29 Dave Ward

27 Pulok Rema

27 Michael Lee


Best Bowling

4/66  Jim Bandas

2/35  Zeeshan Zeeshan


8th Division Blue Match Report : Luca Agius

Round 13: Summer Hill Blue 5/234 & 4/46 def Ashfield CC 159

Fresh from a huge win against St Christopher's the match prior, 8th Blue were looking to consolidate  against an improving Ashfield.


Phil won the toss once again (he's getting quite good at it now) and we chose to bat first which certainly felt the best choice, despite the slow outfield. The openers got off to a decent start before falling in quick succession leaving Blue at 2/33. However, with stalwart Jud at the crease and the Skipper, all were hopeful of a steadying partnership. Our prayers were answered in full despite the partnership featuring a couple of dropped chances and some perhaps too steady batting.


When the partnership was finally broken at 3-151, a heroic Jud Agius left the field after running himself out feeling he needed to get the game moving on. Finishing with a fighting 42 to complement Phil, who at the other end picked up the scoring rate just afterwards and motored to his second hundred of the season - Oh captain my Captain!  With some contributions from the middle order, Blue ended Day one with a sizeable 5/234.

Picture: Phil and Jud celebrate their best Partnership 

Two weeks between innings leaves a long time for contemplation and questions of what ifs, and it is also really frustrating.  Eventually, the game picked up again with Ashfield's innings who, to their credit, came out swinging to put the pressure back on Blue. A couple of crucial catches were dropped, most notably Rayhan making a dogs breakfast out of a friendly piece of catching practice at short cover. (He would later get a second chance which he very thankfully accepted) However, Blue figured the batsmen out and the openers were dismissed by Jasper. Some continued fightback from the middle order saw the total creep forward.  Yet, a run of wickets following the half way break saw the innings lose it's wheels. Even with a valiant effort from the lower order, Blue won by an even 75. Jasper Cohen taking 4 and Luca Agius taking 3 wickets, to go along with 3 fine outfield catches.


With a little time left in the day, Blue had 5 overs to make 75 runs for a bonus point.  We gave it a good go, but 15 an over was too much of an ask. 

Best Batting

111  Phil Tarbox

42 Jud Agius

Best Bowling

4/21 Jasper Cohen

3/31 Luca Agius


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